A Particle filter is a localization algorithm based on sampling random points and calculating the probability that your points represent the true location of the object being tracked. In this implementation, I created a simulation environment using python which contains the following functionality:

  1. Read and Draw an image from a file

An Intro to Probabilistic Robotics

Modern robotics engineers are becoming increasingly interested in making fully autonomous systems. Technologies such as self-driving cars, drones, industrial robotics, or similar systems all need to read their surroundings and respond accordingly. To make sense of the highly variable environments they work in, these systems utilize modern concepts such as neural networks, sensor fusion, and probabilistic robotics. To understand how autonomous system’s decision making processes work, an engineer must be familiar with a few concepts in probability theory and statistics. …

A few months ago, I was working on a project to create a robotic arm using my Raspberry Pi 0 and cheap servos. After a lively virtual brainstorming session, we proposed the ambitious idea of a calligraphy robot. We had 1 week to design, CAD, program, build, debug, and test the robot. Over the call we came up with a rudimentary design, then went off to build our respective parts of the robot.

Creating Flexible Code

Since I was the designated software engineer on the team, I decided to start writing the code as soon as possible so that we could start debugging…

Ross Wilhite

Autonomous systems/robotics engineer currently studying at Tufts University. I have 3 years of experience in e-commerce backend development for data governance.

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